Apennine wolf in its prime portrayed in the heart of winter.
Wolves in winter following the scent of their prey.
Two resident wolves attack an intruder in their territory.
Wolf howling at sunset on a mountain slope.
Young wolf in winter gnawing at a horse hoof.
The fleeting shadow of a wolf moving among trees.
A wolf pup explores the surroundings of the rendez-vous site.
Early display of dominance between two wolf pups.
Young wolves surprised among summer flowers.
A wolf pup carries away from its siblings the head of a deer hind.
The innocent and deep glance of a young wolf emerging from the forest.
Three wolves greet each other at a rendez-vous tree.
Three young wolves sleep half-concealed in the dry grass.
A family of wolves inspects a rocky outcrop.
Solitary wolf in the plateau of Campo Imperatore.
Wolf trotting away in the first morning light.
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