An adult Golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos) hunts gliding along a mountain cliff during a heavy snowfall. The scarce visibility may conceal its shape to the prey.
As dusk approaches an Apennine chamois (Rupicapra p. ornata) seems to ignore the snow flakes piling up on its well-insulated body.
Heavy evening snowfall on an old beech forest. Dead trees often fall under the weight of snow.
Morning light casts blue beech trees shadows on the fresh white layer.
Stuck by deep snow and icy temperatures, two red deer stags manage to survive by moving along a stream
A solitary wild boar crosses a desert snowy field where the crust is firmer to move.
Red foxes roam in full daylight the meadows and forests searching for food.
In the heart of winter, strong katabatic wind blows fresh snow down from the highest peaks.
Very few animals can endure winter at the high altitudes, one of those is the mighty white-winged snowfinch.
On a winter morning a pack of wild Italian wolves is surprised on a ridge whilst patroling its territory.
A wild Italian wolf tests a litte herd of red deer stuck by deep snow on a mountain slope.
The lifeless eye of a young red deer stag killed during the night by wolves.
Winter is a time for opportunists and the unexpected might happen: a great tit scavenges on a wild boar carcass.
A robin didn't survive the night. Its feathers reveal a predatory attack.
As the snow layer thins, opportunities arise: a fox pounces for a vole moving under the snow.
End of winter is mating time for one of the most elusive species in the Apennines. Crossing a forest meadow on a frosty morning, a big male wild cat glances curious at the photographer.

Stretching across the Mediterranean Sea, Italy is usually considered a warm place an ideal holiday destination. And yet, the winter in its very heart, the Central Apennines mountain range, rivals those in more continental places. With temperatures that occasionally may drop down to -39 C and snowfalls that can pile up a few meters, it is not an easy place to live in. Every year, mountain animals must face the challenges of the bad season to survive.

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