L'Ultima Estate / The Last Summer

Shepherd stories from Mount Maiella

by Bruno D'Amicis and Luca Del Monaco

MAC Edizioni, 2014





The pictures you will see in this book needed a special care to be taken. You cannot simply go and photograph a shepherd, you will need to photograph with the shepherd, meaning with this that you will need his complete collaboration. And, believe us, there is a rather big difference between the two expressions. Solitary and shy by nature, often incredibly discreet about their own privacy, shepherds surely rank among the most elusive and difficult subjects to be photographed, especially on the Apennines... 


The book in a nutshell

Softcover, 144 pages
Format 210 x 260 mm
110 + original pictures
Text in Italian and English
Foreword by Prof. Francesco Sabatini, Honorary President “Accademia della Crusca”; original, unpublished essays by Aurelio Manzi (naturalist and author) and Antonio Di Fonso (journalist)
ISBN - 9788890580147
Price: € 39,00 + shipment


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